Monday, February 25, 2008

Day Three

Day Three, and I am still blogging :0)

The weekend went by way too fast, but on the bright side, with the help of my beautiful and talented daughter in law, I was able to make much progress on the quilt. All that is left to do is the hand sewing which I will have done in the next few days.

I really need to get some pictures. I am going to work on getting my knit projects together and posting some pics, I promise.

I gotta say, after spending the last few days reading other people's blogs, I'm a bit intimidated, I am nowhere near as good as most every other blog owner I have read.

However, I shall continue to plug along, knitting and blogging.

Well, it's off to bed already, the evenings go by so much faster than the work day :(

I wish someone would actually visit us and post some comments.

Good night moon


Chrissy said...

Keep up the blogging! You're doing great so far.

Knit with me! said...

Thank you chrissy!