Monday, November 3, 2008

30 days of nothing update

I promised a week by week update so here it goes:

Oct 4th – 6th

I made it through the first weekend without any damage…phew!
I have my Granddaughter on the weekends which makes it that much harder. She’s eight and eats like a horse!
Finding things to keep her busy is another problem. I was able to keep her busy with stuff she had that was forgotten at the back of the closet so that was good.

I made another No Knead Bread and ate that all weekend.
A big pot of Spaghetti made with things I already had in the house lasted all weekend.

So far so good.

Oct 7th – 13th

The weekend went pretty good, I stayed busy working on a knitting project (using yarn that was frogged from a previous project) and a sewing project with fabric I have had for months in preparation for making a birthday gift. I did have to buy a few more yards but I got it on sale and it was with money I had already budgeted.
So, I’m still in saving mode, and doing really good.
I made more No Knead Bread on Sunday; I just can’t get enough of that stuff! I brought a couple of slices to work today for lunch, yummy!

Here are a couple of pictures of my completed sewing project:

Oct 14th – 19th

Another weekend has passed without me going out of budget at all.
I am very pleased with the amount of money I have saved so far this month

Oct 20th – 27th

This week was uneventful. I didn’t even have to make any trips to the grocery store. We are definitely down to “nothing” but getting by.
The month is almost over!!

Oct. 28th – 31st

Well, I did it; I stayed focused all month and thought about my spending every day.
My intent here was to know if I could see something I really wanted and not buy it.
Can I go a month without buying a new book, or a skein of yarn or anything else that I didn’t absolutely need?
Yes, I can, and I lived to tell about it, amazing!!

I don’t plan on doing without everything every single month, but I do plan on being more aware.

I have been following Dave Ramsey for quite awhile now and this certainly fits into what he teaches as far as “Living on less than I make” and “Beans and Rice, Rice and Beans”
I was able to put $300.00 extra toward my emergency fund from the savings this month.
I don’t expect to be able to save that much every month, but pretty darn close. At that rate, I will be debt free in no time!


Aim said...

That sounds totally awesome! good work, good budgeting and good savings! Which no-knead recipe are you using (I'll look back through your posts....)

Knit with me! said...


I use recipes from mostly.
I like to play with the original recipe and add my own special touches :)
You just can't mess up No Knead Bread!