Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bottled Water

I have thinking a lot about my October pledge to cut back on spending and because of that I have been reading a lot more (it's a win – win)

I came across this on one my favorite new blogs "Food Wishes" which lead me to "Take Back The Tap"

The bottled water industry is a total rip off, it's crazy.
Penn and Teller really bust the myths surrounding the reasons people have for buying bottled water rather than drinking tap water.
The video is very informative, here is the link:

Penn and Teller on Bottled Water
Warning: Offensive Language

Here are some of the main points to know from "Think outside the bottle"

Bottled water corporations are changing the very way people think about water. Corporations like Coke, Nestlé and Pepsi are manufacturing demand for an essential resource that flows directly from our taps. What's more many bottled water brands actually come from the same source as public tap water though these brands are sold back to the public at thousands of times the cost.
Plastic bottles also require massive amounts of fossil fuels to manufacture and transport. Billions of these bottles wind up in landfills every year.
And when bottled water marketing convinces one in five people that the only place to get drinking water is from a bottle, it threatens the political will to adequately fund our public water systems.
There is a lot of information there and a "Pledge" form.
Please, even if you are not into saving money, read more about this rip off industry and stop contributing to it.



Debby said...

You are so right about the bottled water. We bought refillable water bottles (at the Nike employee store---grin!) and add tap water and ice when we go anywhere. And I'm going to read more about the no spending in October and may take up your challenge...I spend far to much...on yarn...another grin! Thank you for the comments on my blog. Go Beavers, Ducks!

Aim said...

Bottled water is definitely something that I've stopped thinking about--I just do it. But I remember at the beginning just thinking "what the heck am I paying money for?!" Thanks for bringing that back to my attention. If for no other reason than the pollution it causes from the disposable bottles!