Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lion Brand? Really?

Some people turn their noses up to Lion Brand and Red Heart,
But not me.
I own a bunch of Red Heart that works great for lots of things. I have made several dog sweater with it and they turn out perfect, I have never had not even one dog come back and say, "Hey, is this Red Heart, I prefer the more expensive yarns".

I have to admit though, If I had the means, I probably would be a yarn snob :0)

Anyway, I was looking at Lion Brands website and came across this Prayer Shawl Cards and Free Patterns which I thought was really cool.

"The blessing of the Prayer Shawl provides healing and comfort to the sick, the lonely and the elderly, or shares in the accomplishment of the graduate, newlywed, and newborn. Like all acts of generosity, the presentation of a Prayer Shawl enriches the giver as well as the recipient."

This site has more directions for knit and crochet shawls as well as some background on how they orginated.
Shawl Ministry

I'm counting down to vaction day, 3 more work days to go

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