Friday, October 3, 2008


Well, I made it back from California safe and sound.
The trip was pretty fun even though it consisted of way too much time in the car.
We saw tons of cool things one of which was The Monterey Bay Aquarium:

And San Fran, where we went to Pier 39 and walked, and walked.
It was an absolutely beautiful day:

SF Hard Rock Cafe

And of course family, we saw lots of family which was awesome:

I got to reconnect with my lovely sister-in-law whom I had'nt seen in SEVERAL years, I really love her and I am so grateful that we are communicating again.

But now we are back and it's time to get back to routine.

I started and completed (YES!) the first real project on my house since I bought it 2 years ago. I stained the fence! It looks great.
It took me 3 gallons of stain and I am going to have to buy one more, maybe a smaller can to do some touch up, but that will probably have to wait until next spring

It’s October, and I love it!!
I feel like with the rain and the cooler weather I will be more motivated to really kick up my knitting.
I even started a new project last night, granted it’s nothing much, just a wash cloth, but hey, it’s a start, right?

Not that I needed to start a new project when I have several unfinished ones. I still need to work on my Tree of Life Afghan, which I have a total love/hate relationship with. (It’s so hard!)
And then I have a pair of socks to finish and a scarf, which I posted about early but have since decided to frog and use the yarn for something else.

That’s it for now…….thanks for stopping by

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