Saturday, October 4, 2008

Simple October

Well, as I promised myself, (here) I will live very light this month.

I am not planning on making any drastic changes, more to just stop and think before I spend a dime.

I want to be completely aware this month and see if I can cut back even more than I already do every other month of the year.

Oct 1st thru Oct 3rd

I did the monthly shopping trip and spent 1/3 of what I usually do.

We will see how that holds up as the weeks go by.

I was blessed to have a friend at work supply me with tons of fresh tomatoes and some zucchini……YUM!!!

That along with some homemade bread that my daughter-in-law gave me made several meals.

So, here’s a good tip for saving money, get free stuff!!! :0)

I have been taking PBJ sandwiches for lunch everyday along with a V8 (which I bought on sale at Costco with a coupon) so that too has been a big savings.

I plan on making lots of No Knead Bread, it’s cheap to make and SO delicious, I could totally eat it everyday.

I will be searching for other money saving recipes, which now that I think about it should have been done prior to my shopping trip. Oh well, I will have to search for recipes which will use up only the things I have on hand or that I can purchase cheaply.

I will keep a diary of the days to follow and probably just do one post about it at the end of the month so it won't be quite as boring.

Off to make my No Knead Bread!!

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